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Ensuring that financial discipline and treatment standards are upheld is part of our responsibility to defend the interests of the public and the state. Every year, the government allocates billions of levs to the healthcare sector that need to reach healthcare institutions in the most transparent and expedient way possible so that patients can receive high-quality medical care. Thus we are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that patients’ rights are respected;
  • Planned inspections that we publish on our website;
  • Ad-hoc inspections following signals and complaints;
  • Compliance inspections to determine whether the healthcare institutions’ structure, management, and operations meet the requirements;
  • Medical standard compliance monitoring – concerning the quality of diagnostic and treatment process, and the provision of medical care;
  • Inspections to assess the healthcare institutions’ compliance with established medical standards;
  • Control on medical institutions to maintain financial discipline and prevention of misuse of public funds;
  • We review all contracts signed by healthcare providers with the National Health Insurance Fund and health insurance companies for providing healthcare services to patients.