Tree in Remembrance of Organ Donors to be Planted near NPC on 11 November

A tulip tree will be planted on 11 November 2019, at 11:00 a.m., near the National Palace of Culture, as a tribute to the people whose donated organs have saved others’ lives (on the literary club Peroto’s side, close to the new Simeon Radev monument). The tree is a sign of gratitude to their loved ones who took the difficult decision to help people in need of organ transplantation.

The initiative is a part of the National Campaign to Promote Organ Donation and Transplantation “Yes to Life!”

The event will be attended by the deputy Minister of Health Dr. Boyko Penkov, the deputy executive director of EAMS professor Dr. Petko Salchev, and patient organisation representatives.

The leaves of the tulip tree are shaped like a heart, and its blossoms resemble a lotus, which is a symbol of creation, birth, and the sun as a source of life.